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26th-Feb-2010 08:58 pm - Mod Post!
Thanks to the suggestion of kangee and platinumpair , I have decided to take all of the pictures and GIFs from the community and putting them in zip files, as well as keep the community up. I also searched Soompi, Daebak, and random fan sites for more pictures and gifs. The picture zip file has 500 pictures and the GIFs zip file has 115 GIFs. If you have any questions on where a picture/GIF comes from drop me a message or a comment in this post.

GIFs (181 MB)
Pictures (117 MB)

It's been an amazing time posting for this community along with wihayo , chinatown , masturbasian , kangee and loveangiie . Thanks for bearing with us!
25th-Feb-2010 11:16 pm - !mod post
Hello again, It's been a while and its saddening to come back to you at such a rough moment for KHottest and International Hottest. If you haven't already read, it has been notified by JYPE that Jaebeom is NOT coming back to 2PM. I will be having a picture/gif spam on Sunday for you guys. After that, it is more than likely that the community will be deleted. Zip files have been created and the community will be kept up.

Thank you for your time. ♥
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